Is my perfume original?

Jun 12, 2017

Is my perfume original?

How to distinguish the original from the fake? 

When spending pots of money on perfume, you'll want to be sure you buy a quality product.  Understanding how to tell an authentic perfume from a fake can help you with your decision.

There are hundreds of thousands of fake perfumes on the market. So how can you tell an authentic perfume from a fake?

The Best Tips to Spot a Fake Perfume

The Wrapping 

Let’s start with the package. It’s an important element because when you buy a perfume you cannot open the package. So, sometimes you have to be good enough to distinguish the original from the fake only by the wrapping.

Investigate the wrapping very precisely. Here are the things to pay attention to:

#1 Is the name of the perfume written correctly on the package? If you notice a misspelled word, or even a single letter changed – it is a certain sign that the perfume is not authentic. And don’t let the shop assistant fool you- it’s not a typo. Well-known and respected brands do not make typos. 

#2 What about the cellophane – is it nicely wrapped and transparent? If it doesn’t adhere well to the package and it looks suspicious (dim, very thin or wrinkled) you aren’t holding a real thing. The original perfumes are wrapped in thick, finely folded cellophane with flawless seams.

#3 The box is also made of high-quality paperboard in order to protect the bottle. Now turn the box upside down and have a look at the circle with the arrows. They are two and if the perfume is not a fake, the arrow pointing to the right should always be darker than the one pointing to the left.

If the perfume is for you and you do not intend to give it as a present you can buy a tester. They lack an official package, but are original and their price is lower. Not to mention that they often come in large bottles. So, perfume testers are good investment, think about it! 

What’s inside? 


Now you have bought the perfume. What’s inside? Firstly, have a look at the paperboard. Inside the box, the paperboard is designed in a special way to protect and keep the bottle in place. Then inspect the bottle – its quality, the colour of the perfume and its scent. There are many signs to watch out. 

Bottle – design and quality

The best way to find out whether a perfume is fake or original is to observe the bottle. First – the design of the bottle – it’s immaculately shaped and smooth. The inscriptions of the bottle say where the perfume is made and the name of the fragrance is inscribed flawlessly. There is a serial number indicated on the bottom of the bottle.

Luxury brands stick to perfection – their products mirror their brand value. That is why, if you think that they probably have made a compromise selling refine product into a cheap wrapping – you are mistaken!

When it comes to quality – the bottle is made of glass – not cheap plastic. Check its thickness or other signs of imperfections: uneven edges, bubbles? Every detail is perfect – from the bottle’s cap to the nozzle head. See how inscriptions are placed – are they propitiate and symmetrically placed? What about the function of the nozzle head. Does it spray with ease?

Fragrance – colour and scent 

Here comes the most important part – what is inside the bottle? If you have bought a good imitation and it was difficult for you to tell whether the product is a fake by the wrapping and the bottle itself, the scent of the perfume will show you. How? 

The color of the fragrance? The original brands stick to the natural substances and use very small amount of dye. Therefore, the original fragrances are pale in colour. If the content of your bottle is too dark and striking – it’s probably a fake. 

What about the fragrance? Can you feel the alcohol at the beginning? – if your answer is positive, you are dealing with a fake. Spray it on your skin – does your skin absorb it fast or the consistence of the perfume is oily? Can you notice anything else unusual? How long does the scent last? 

Barcode and other labels

Some people think if they see a barcode, the product is original. However, a fake perfume can have a barcode, too. The barcode on the wrapping shows where the product is produced – check it! You can also see whether the code for a given country correspond to the country where the perfume is made. If the product is not original, you can come across a serious mismatch. 

Observe all other labels like serial numbers, etc. Every inscription is important – look carefully. Do not underestimate the small letters – sometimes they can give you the answer as soon as you look at them. 

Another thing to be mindful of is that the barcode should be clearly visible on the packaging. If it’s unclear and you cannot see the numbers well, ask for another product and if it’s the same, it’s advisable not to give money for this product. 


What’s the price of the product? Yes, it’s on sale or there’s a discount but luxury things maintain a relatively high price. So, if the perfume is offered at a BIG discount, probably there’s something wrong with it. 

Reputable Seller

Is the seller reputable? Buy your perfumes by authorized shops. If you prefer to purchase online – again trust only verified websites. What is more, you can check them on the internet – what is the opinion of the customers, do they recommend it? 

There are plenty of ways to tell an authentic perfume from a fake. If you are green in detecting fakes – it may seem difficult at the beginning but with time, you will learn to distinguish the original from the fake. Next time you have to buy a perfume do the investigation. You may be surprised how funny it can be to be a detective! Do not underestimate these pieces of advice; after all, you pay for quality.