How to apply perfume - the best tricks and tips

Jun 12, 2017

How to apply perfume - the best tricks and tips

It is hard to believe that there are people who don’t know how to apply perfume. In fact, it doesn’t require any special skills. Still, there are some tricks and tips which can help to make the most of your fragrance. 

The perfume ritual usually takes place just before we leave our home. And it is also a well- known fact that most of the time we are in a hurry, so we just spritz it on our wrists, rub them and voila. 

The question is, whether this practice does the job or we waste material? Think about the money you have spent on your perfume. Follow our advice on how to apply your perfume for a long-lasting scent and for turning heads. 

Easy steps to follow and good tips for wearing your perfume properly 

A cloud vs. An old fashioned spritz?

A cloud of scent or the good old spritz? What do some people do? They spray a cloud of perfume and then walk through it. They believe that the scent spreads evenly and can be smelled better that way. However, many consider this technique unsatisfying. 

Why choose the old spritz over the mist of scent? Because when you spray the perfume directly on your skin, the scent can warm and emerge. 

Don’t Rub it!

There are different arguments about whether to rub or let the scent dry? Although each technique has its followers, the majority of people cling to the second one. The reason is that when you rub the perfume against your skin, you’ll destroy its molecules, causing the top notes to fade away faster. So, it is recommended to apply the perfume by soft dabbing gestures on the skin and let it dry.  

How to apply my perfume properly?

The perfume comes first. What does it mean? Always use it before putting on your clothes. Otherwise, you run the risk to stain your clothes. What is more, it’s better for the perfume to be in contact with your skin. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin well before applying the perfume. The best tip ever is to have a shower, then put some cream or body lotion and finally comes the perfume – you will see the difference! Try! 

A gentle scent in the Hair

How to apply perfume on your hair. It is not recommended to spray directly on your hair because you can damage it. You can either spray your brush or use the cloud technique. It is also advisable to use perfume on your hair when it is clean.Those who are close to you will sense it.  

Places To Wear Fragrances

The pulse spots are the right places to apply your fragrance. However, many are not aware of all the pulse places to be sprayed. So, here they are: your chest, mainly around the base of your throat, behind the ears, on your wrists, behind the knees, inside the elbows. 

These are the areas where the blood vessels are closer to the surface of the skin, and there the fragrance rises slowly and is more persistent. 

Another thing to bear in mind is your skin type. Scents tend to stay longer on oily skin, rather than a dry one. What is your skin type? Do you need extra hydrating? 

Top advice! Are you attending a special occasion? Wear perfume on the back of your neck. When you move, your hair will disperse the divine scent. You can spray your hair as well for a top notch look.


One thing: Overdosing does more harm than good! So, ladies, if you are a big fan of spraying perfume everywhere (some people spray perfume in their bag, in their shoes, on their clothes), try to be more descreet. 

It’s true that at some point we are so used to the perfume we wear that we think we didn’t apply enough. Because of that we extra spray our skin, which is not necessary. Just because we are accustomed to the fragrance, doesn’t mean that we have to obtruse it to the others.  

Put yourself in the shoes of the others. I bet you have been on the other side, when someone “a perfume abuser” passes by and the effect on you, especially if the scent is not your type – really annoying. 

If you wonder how much perfume to wear – follow this rule: Too much is never good! Especially when it comes to  a work environment.

Use other products 

The body lotion, the shower gel, and other products with the same scent will enhance the strength of your perfume, and it will last for a longer time. Using other products together is the most efficient way to prolong the effect of your perfume. That is why, I really like the sets comprising a perfume or eau de toilette, body lotion, and shower gel. When you have a shower and then apply the other products, the result is fantastic. Not to mention that this boosts our confidence, we look and feel better. 

Do I have to reapply?

I used my perfume in the morning when to reapply? Do you feel on the safe side when you feel your perfume? If this is the case, carry a small bottle of your fragrance to reapply when you feel the need to do this. If you have more than two- three scents, you can alternate them. When the first one fades away, apply different fragrance. Thus, you can smell it better. As much as I love perfumes, and I have a good collection, I’m happy when the fragrance fades because I can apply a different perfume.

Did you know…

Here is an interesting fact, women should know about perfumes. Sometimes you think your perfume has a different scent? Is that possible? The answer is “Yes” and the reason is your hormones.The ingredients of the perfumes react with your skin and your hormones, and the scent changes when you have a period, you are pregnant or very very nervous!