Why does the same perfume smell a different skin type?

Jun 12, 2017

Why does the same perfume smell differently on a different skin type? 

Facts about perfumes everyone should know to pick the right perfume…

What is the relation between your skin and your perfume? Does food matter?  Does your body lotion match your skin type? 

Beyond any doubt, everyone has been fascinated by the perfume of a friend or a stranger, who has just passed by, leaving a unique trace of scent. The moment we smell the aroma we want this perfume. It’s amazing!  

Under the spell of the charming fragrance, we conduct some research in order to find out the name of the perfume and to buy it. As soon as we get the name of the perfume, we head for the nearest fragrance store. What is more, we are ready to buy it even if it costs us a pretty penny!

When it comes to something we want desperately, we, the women do NOT spend our money wisely. We do NOT spare means and efforts to make ourselves feel pretty and happy. We sacrifice it all! 

However, many a time we are really disappointed with our purchase. The new shoes, the sexy dress, and the terrific aroma, turn out to be quite different from what we expected. Unfortunately, we realize this too late – already paid it, in front of the mirror at home and we do not have the intention to return the product – it’s time-consuming and accompanied with a shade of sorrow.

A Very Familiar Story… 

Probably the following situation will be familiar to many: 

You have just bought the desired scent, and you return home with the new perfume. You are so pleased with the fact that you will smell divine and you are impatient to try it, for example, for the party tonight?

Now, you are ready to go and the “BIG” moment comes. The final touch to your perfect look – the ultimate accessory you need to feel stylish and beautiful – your NEW perfume.

You apply it to the pulse points, or anywhere you can find appropriate BUT… the magic doesn’t work! 


Why does your fragrance smell differently from that of your friend? Is it the same scent you tested at the perfume shop? The new scent is really unbearable! How? How to wear this perfume? 

Reluctantly, you realize that your new scent doesn’t appeal to you. You think that you have mistaken the name of the perfume and you cannot do anything but accept the unpleasant situation.

The truth, however, is quite different. 

Here's what's behind the sudden "change" of the scent and what you need to know to avoid repeating the same old mistake all over again: 

Body chemistry affects the way a perfume smells – it is a scientifically proven fact that different perfumes can smell differently on different skin. It depends on the pH of your skin and other factors we will tell you later in this article. 

You and your friend aren't identical, actually, you are quite different, so it is your skin and natural body smell. And, it is not a surprise that perfumes are going to smell differently on you two.

Different skin types, different scents

Knowing your skin type is absolutely necessary to choose the right fragrance for you.

Generally, there are five basic skin types: normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. 

Each skin type has particular characteristics and requires specific care. What is more, the skin is a determining factor in the duration and the intensity of the perfume.  

The oily skin naturally produces more amount of oil, which results in strong chemical reactions with fragrances. That is why, when the fragrance is in contact with the oily layer of the skin, it could cause a smell that is different from what we expect. Recommended are the floral and citrus fragrances, which are lighter and fresher.  

The dry skin will absorb the scent, so you need to apply more perfume. If your skin is dry, spray it more often than not. 

Not just that we have different skin types, but every person has unique skin features, that differ from those of people. The individual skin properties react with the scent in a certain way, and so it is absolutely logical that the same perfume may smell different on different people. 

We all are unique, including our skin. Therefore, one fragrance cannot smell identically to any skin. 

Food and scents what is the relation between them? 

Another factor that can affect the scent of the perfume is the FOOD we consume. Probably you haven’t considered that fact, but the type of food we eat affects the natural smell of our skin.

So when we eat, for example, more spicy, salty or greasy foods, this reflects the condition of our skin and the odor of our body. That is why sometimes the same perfume may smell differently on us. We spray the same perfume, but today it’s scent is not the same as it was yesterday.  

Everything, including our skin, diet, our natural smell and skin care products, we're using, affect the way our fragrance is going to sit on our skin. So, everything matters: the soap or the shower gel you are using, the body lotion, the daily menu, etc. 

That is why one and the same perfume may smell differently on different people, even on the same person, depending on a number of facts. 

So, do NOT hurry to buy the perfume your friend uses.

Before you purchase a perfume, spray it on your skin, allow the full range of the scent to emerge, giving you a better idea of whether or not the scent is right for you.